Ancestral Line was founded by Séamus O'Donoghue, an Irish Genealogist and Family Historian with over 20 years experience. He is also an Author, whose works have been published under his own name and the pseudonym A.J. Carron. 
Séamus grew up in County Clare, in the West of  Ireland, obtaining his education locally and also in the U.K.
He has acquired Diplomas in Genealogy Research, Creative Writing, and Communication Skills, and is a member of the Clare Roots Society.                                 
His interest in Family History began a long time ago, when he decided to research his own Irish Genealogy. Since then he has helped countless people trace their Irish Ancestors, both as researcher and Genealogy Consultant. The passion and knowledge he has acquired encouraged him to offer Ancestral Line's services to the general public.                       
 "Líne Ancestral , rud a thug an am atá caite a thabhairt duit."

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