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It was a pleasure working with all of you.

"We commissioned Séamus to do some research into our grandparents. He was able to find out where they lived, went to church, school, their parents and grandparents, tenant records and more. He has supplied us with the backup documentation, of course, and a lovely write-up that brings their lives in Ireland to life. For my grandfather I had hardly any information for him to go on, but that didn't stop Séamus. My entire family are delighted with his work."... Anne Soria, USA.

      "OUTSTANDING. Séamus did an awesome job researching my ancestors. He is very           professional, reasonable fees, thorough, patient, and very efficient. I will continue to use him.                                                    Highly recommended." ... Jim McConville, USA.

  “I was extremely happy with Ancestral Line's genealogical services. Séamus actually "went the              extra mile" for me regarding some work I had not specifically requested. I would highly                       recommend Ancestral Line to anyone requesting similar aid." ... Charles J. Justice, USA. 
   “I recently asked Séamus if he could help me unravel some complicated parts of my family tree.        The family had long Irish tenure from the 16th century, but connecting the dots was frustrating.    My ancestors didn't keep good date information and they continually recycled Christian names so that at any time there were multiples of the same name in a particular time range. Add to that, my ancestor who left Cork in 1830 was raised by his aunt - and we wanted to uncover the actual relationship between the aunt and my ancestor's parents. I had come to a dead end. Séamus was               able to connect enough of the dots for me to actually get my family tree in order. I am very                appreciative for the work he has done for me and recommend him as a researcher - especially          if  you have a complicated family tree like mine." ... Alan Bingham, USA (via Australia).

"Séamus is an extremely talented and dedicated individual. Without Ancestral Line, I wouldn't               know half as much as I now do about my late grandfather's life. I would highly recommend               Ancestral Line to anyone interested in learning about their past." ... Martin Benson, Ireland.

      "Séamus managed to extend our family search back further than we could ever have hoped.            The detailed records he uncovered painted a clear picture of the people who made us who we are,               and who lived so long ago. We are most grateful for his expertise, so promptly and helpfully                     employed to answer our questions. We will most definitely enlist his help when we begin                               researching the other branches of the family. We highly recommend his work."                              ... Geraldine Griffin, UK.

"Séamus approached (what to us had been an intractable problem) with professionalism, and      despite a false start resulting from some mixed information that we had was able to trace and       verify our grandmother's birth record and supply a great deal of further information about her,                    her immediate family and the previous generation, in a remarkably short space of time.                               Possibly   not the cheapest quote we had for this service, but you get what you pay            for  and his service was exemplary!" ... Stephen O'Grady, UK.

"Séamus' work is very thorough and informative, so as a result I have been able to piece together fragments of fading family memories to make a fuller family tree and appreciate my Irish family from Co. Clare all the better. Thoroughly recommended." ... Andrew Whiddett, France.

                  "Complete professional, and very personal too. You can tell he really does care about                           your research. I really Appreciate that!!!" ... Patrick Slaney, USA.

"Séamus did a fantastic job researching my Irish heritage. Very thorough - he found a quite significant family tree discrepancy which has now been resolved. I will most definitely be using        this service again and highly recommend Ancestral Line." ... Sally Ladson, Australia. 

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